Yup....that just happened

Posted by Rebecca on Nov 19th 2020

A couple weeks ago, we highlighted the Cocoknits Needle Gauge which is one of my favorite new tools but I realize I didn't tell all of you why?!? I'll start with my eye doctor appointment.  I had realized it had been a couple years since I got my eyes checked and since there is glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts in my family, I really like to stay on top of that.  My eye appointment was uneventful and the doctor said my prescription didn't really change.  That being said...I still wanted some fancy new specs (which I had already picked out at Warby Parker.....don't tell my eye doctor).  I get my updated script and went on my way.  I immediately scan it and send it in to Warby Parker.  A couple days later, I get an email from WP saying that "it appears that you have submitted a prescription that requires PROGRESSIVE lenses". Uuuuummmmm.....WHAT! There must be some kind of mistake.  I get right on the phone with my eye doctor's office and ask "So, is my new prescription for progressive lenses" I say.  In a very lovely voice, the technician replies, "Yes it is".  I am then dead silent.  "Oh..ok....thanks".  I immediately call my Mother.  "Hi honey", she says.  "Mom, is progressive lenses a nice new way of saying frickin' BI-FOCALS!"  All I hear is laughter (nice Mom....real nice). "Seriously Mom....that's not nice".  

Now this is where the Cocoknits Needle Gauge comes in.  Yeah - I couldn't see the darn numbers on my needles anymore.  And all the other needle gauges were too big to carry around because let's be honest, I already have a small arsenal in my bag and space is at a premium.  This needle gauge takes up no room at all and I can SEE THE NUMBERS (even without my fancy new BI-FOCALS)!

I continue to chug away on my Throwover.  I've almost finished the bottom hem which means I am once again, headed to SLEEVE ISLAND.  I'm not sure what I am going to cast on next but I'm thinking it will either be with Harrisville Daylights or Farmer's Daughter Recollect.  We shall see!