Diversity and Inclusion

JP Knit & Stitch is a woman-owned business run by an amazing group of women from many backgrounds. We strive to make JPKS an inclusive space. The world can be a very scary place and we want everyone who visits our small corner of the world (internet or brick and mortar) to know what we pledge to make our space a safe space for all.

Our pledge:

  • We will actively strive to make our shop a place where everyone feels welcomed.

  • We will continue to create a diverse and equitable work environment.

  • We will support and collaborate with BIPOC makers and designers.

  • We will use our platform to amplify BIPOC experiences.

  • We will seek out opportunities to learn, grow and support BIPOC designers and makers.

  • We will NOT tolerate any type of hate speech, racism, sexism, ageism, ableism or weightism in any space we occupy.

BIPOC = Black, Indigenous, People of Color