Elemental Affects - Civility

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Elemental Affects is a hand-dyed yarn company sourcing and developing yarns in the U.S. from U.S. breeders and mills. Breed-specific yarns include Shetland, Cormo and Romney.

Yarn: Civility

Not exactly 100% "home-grown," Civility uses U.S. Merino fleece and imported silk. The two fibers really play well together -- hence the name Civility. There is just enough silk to the fine Merino fleece to produce a yarn that is both luxurious and and strong.

Weight: Worsted
Fiber:70% Wool (Merino)/30% Silk (Mulberry) 

Skein Size: 4 oz (112 gr) skeins
Length: approximately 250 yards (3-ply)