Harrisville Designs - Nightshades

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Harrisville Designs has been spinning 100% Virgin Wool Yarn in Harrisville, New Hampshire for over 40 years. As one of a handful of woolen mills left in this country, Harrisville's textile tradition is rich and dates back to 1794. Learn more about the Harrisville Designs story here.

Twelve delicate shades of black, created for every mood and marbled with a dusting of color. This 3-ply American cormo and wool combine to form a light and airy DK weight yarn that is soft and distinct.

Featuring: stiletto. talk radio. dashboard. last call. vcr. insomnia. street light. cinder. fever dream. 12:57. static. vinyl.

Content: 80% American Cormo / 20% Wool
Weight: DK
Yardage: 250 yards/100 g

Needle Gauge:
US 5 - 22 sts = 4”
US 6 - 20 sts = 4”
US 7 - 18 sts = 4”