How to Embroider

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How to Embroider: Techniques and Projects for the Complete Beginner by Susie Johns

If you’ve ever wanted to start embroidering but didn’t know where to begin, check out this book. It lays out everything for the beginner, including an extensive guide of tools and materials needed for any embroidery project. Each section teaches a single stitch or technique and offers a project featuring that technique. Stitches are shown in clear, numbered diagrams to demonstrate how needle and thread should be positioned. The patterns escalate on a scale of difficulty—from simple running stitches to cutwork. The book includes patterns and instructions, allowing a beginning embroiderer with basic tools to complete projects to satisfaction. Techniques include running stitch, outline stitches, chainstitch, blanket stitch, surface stitches, filling stitches, single stitches, couching, and cutwork.