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Taproot magazine - a beautiful collection of featured recipes, knitting patterns, essays, art and poetry, all celebrating food, farm, family and craft - is ad-free and independent and we know you will love it as much as we do.

Taproot is divided into three sections, head, hands, and heart. Head features essays and journalism about people and initiatives creating more connected lives. Hands is filled with recipes, crafts and natural health. Heart contains personal narratives, poetry and the experiences of people living more connected lives.

Issues Available:

No 30 - Feast

This issue, Feast, is dedicated to the holiday season and is filled with delicious seasonal recipes, herbal remedies for winter woes, and ideas for natural handmade gifts to warm the hearts of your loved ones.

No 31 - Revive

This issue, Revive, is all about renewal, revival, and growth. It is filled with delicious seasonal recipes, sweet stitching patterns, and inspiring essays. 

No 32 - Tend

This issue, Tend, features essays about living a more connected life, along with several recipes and crafts.

No 33 - Explore

Learn the art of nature-walk journaling; sew a hat for a sunny day outside; make meringues; and use preserves in cooking. A summer-weight knitted shawl and a lightweight smock pattern make this issue fodder for summer adventures!