Wales Street Throwback 3 Skein Kit

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Special The Throwback Sweater Kits from Wales Street Yarns!

About Wales Street Yarns: Melissa Lund is the founder of the Wales Street Knits podcast, the Wales Street Design blog, and the hand-dyer behind Wales Street Yarns.  She has been knitting most of her life and over the years has thankfully progressed from those early projects that look like pieces of chewed string.  Here, you'll find a selection of lovely, lovingly hand-dyed yarns with colors that tell a story, as well as somewhat intermittent blog posts about DIY-ing all of the things.

These amazing kits have 2 skeins of worsted weight yarn - use them for The Throwback Sweater or another fun project! 

When selecting which kit you would like to purchase please denote in the notes section on the checkout page.

Kit 1: Moab, Seafoam, Old Pointe Shoe (orange, aqua, tan)

Kit 4: Slurry, Marigold, African Violet (gray, yellow, blue)

Note, you receive 3 skeins of yarn meant for the 3 contrast colors of this pattern. If you plan to make The Throwback you would need to purchase between 980 - 1740 yards of worsted weight depending on your size for the main color. Please see the pattern on Ravelry to determine what you would need.